Re: In ms word how to search a particular word


I just played with this with NVDA a short while ago, and again with NVDA off.

NVDA is using Word's own search via the Navigation pane that opens when you hit CTRL+F or NVDA+CTRL+F.  When the search is done, focus is sitting on the "Next Result" button, and each activation moves you from the currently focused occurrence of the found word/phrase to the next, highlights are unaffected other than the one that indicates actual current focus moving from one occurrence to the next.  If I hit ESCape once I've arrived at the occurrence I'm interested in, focus jumps back in to the document itself and that instance is selected.  If I then right arrow or left arrow it removes selection if that's what one wants to do, or if I start typing it replaces that instance with whatever I type, which is standard behavior.

As far as PDF files go, much depends on the actual PDF reader being used, so it is vital to know that.

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