Suggestion for a Possible Option Regarding NVDA Profiles


Hi, guys,
Playing with my favorite part of NVDA now, which is described on the subject line, I just thought about something that I guess it could be quite useful.
I don't know whether it's possible at all, but it would be nice if we could make a trigger for a profile from the window title, or, better yet, from parts of it.
Example, suppose I want to make a profile for when I'm reading something on Notepad, but I want this profile to be triggered just with this specific document. Same goes, then, for a specific webpage.
Now, with this option, on the field "window title" or something like that, I would type something like:
"My File - Notepad".
Or else
" file - Notepad".
In the first example, the trigger is "My File - Notepad". This means that nothing apart from "My File - Notepad" would be assumed as the trigger.
However, there also could be an option to check or uncheck regarding cap-sensitive triggers.
In the second example, everything ending with " File - Notepad" would be assumed as the trigger. This means, for example, that even if I had a file called "Test File", opening it on Notepad would trigger the profile in question.

Don't know if I could explain it as I'd like, but if this thread gets some interest, we can discuss it further and I can try to explain better :)


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