Re: SAPI5 crashing NVDA


You should be able to uninstall whatever voice is causing the problem just as you uninstall any program.  Let's say that you are using a SAPI 5 version of Eloquence.  If that is the voice causing the problem, uninstall it as you would any program.  SAPI voices are just programs.
I don't know if Windows still comes with any SAPI 5 voices but you don't have to worry about those.  They aren't causing the problem.  Something that wants you to register it is causing the problem and it can be uninstalled in the usual way.

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Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2019 1:01 PM
Subject: [nvda] SAPI5 crashing NVDA


I have SAPI voices installed on my windows 10 machine as well as Windows
10 core voices and code factory voices.  I am not using a SAPI voice but
occasionally when I start up my machine SAPI 5 will take ove and say
'please register this product' when I type any key.  I usually have to
get sighted assistance to navigate back to the NVDA menu and switch to
another voice.

Has anyone else had this happen?  MOre importantly, how can I uninstall
SAPI 5 voices altogether?  I had a microsoft specialist remotely log in
to my machine and he was not able to advise me as to how to do this.

I would say this problem happens about every three months.



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