Re: SAPI5 crashing NVDA


Thanks Tyler, this is really helpful. The thing is, I thought I had registered my coat factory voices. I don’t know why they suddenly forgot this. But I think I’m going to uninstall the whole thing… What a waste of money…


On Apr 6, 2019, at 2:19 PM, Tyler Spivey <tspivey@...> wrote:

I think the CodeFactory voices say that, at least the sapi ones. Uninstall that, or complain to them but it won't do much good.
The obvious thing they could've done is say please register along with your text. That would have been annoying enough to get people to register, but not kill your ability to fix it in the process.
For future reference, press control+NVDA+s, w, enter to switch back to OneCore.

On 4/6/2019 11:01 AM, Sile via Groups.Io wrote:
I have SAPI voices installed on my windows 10 machine as well as Windows 10 core voices and code factory voices. I am not using a SAPI voice but occasionally when I start up my machine SAPI 5 will take ove and say 'please register this product' when I type any key. I usually have to get sighted assistance to navigate back to the NVDA menu and switch to another voice.
Has anyone else had this happen? MOre importantly, how can I uninstall SAPI 5 voices altogether? I had a microsoft specialist remotely log in to my machine and he was not able to advise me as to how to do this.
I would say this problem happens about every three months.

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