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Michael Munn

There used to be a input method called Sogou. This requires a person to know how to spell a word in Chinese using Pinyin. it's also a fast way to input a Chinese character in a timely manner. 
the major dis advantage is that this program requires a person to choose the character after they type. This is because china have over two thousands characters.  . A lot of them sound's the same. If you don't pay any attention on what you are writing you more then likely to get laughed at. 
That was like four years ago. I don't know is this program still exist. 
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Michael Munn 

Michael Munn
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On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 1:33 PM Clement Chou <chou.clement@...> wrote:

I am interested in this as well!

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Please, copy me if you reply privately to this question. I'm interested



Il 06/04/2019 17:14, Marco Oros ha scritto:
> Hi people.
> I have for You one question.
> Maybe there are also some chinese people too.
> I have heard about various advantages and disadvantages of every
> method to write Chinese by various input methods in computer.
> So, My question is:
> What method do You prefer to write Chinese?
> Ofcourse, hand writing We can excluded, but there are various methods
> also. Ofcourse, I known something about various chinese braille
> systems, but do You use Pinyin? Do You use Bopomofo? Or, do You rather
> prefer Wubi, or Cangjie to write chinese?
> Please, if You are on QQ, send me question there, because I would like
> to write article about It on My blog in Slovak.
> Thank You.
> best regards
> Marco Oros

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