Re: Blind people typing Chinese

Marco Oros

Thank You.

I would like to try to write Chinese characters, but Microsoft Pinyin is not very well ordered in symplified chinese, but in traditional taiwanese Zhuyin are tone very well presented.

Also, Google Pinyin is the best to write symplified, or traditional letters.

From My experience, I mostly prefer to write Mandarin in traditional letters, because in traditional Chinese one letter can have various meanings, not like in symplified system.

This is My opinion about It.

I understand Mandarin, but what about Cantonese?

I have noticed, that Hongkong keyboard is on style cangjie, or speedy cangjie, which is method based on this, how characters are written down.

I don't know, if there are some jiutping alternatives for Windows.

So, It was about writing using keyboard.

But, what about Braille?

 So, about Chinese braille, there is mainland China braille table, Taiwanese braile and Cantonese for Hongkong speaker.

But, NVDA currently supported every braile, althought mainland chinese Mandarin braille.

Thank You.


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