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thank you my dear friend,
I am looking a synth which can speak telugu language. At present I am
using e speak on my official computer. As it is a lenthty process to
buy a paid synth hence I am looking for a free non robotic synth.

thanks and regards,

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When you say voices, what exactly do you mean? There are a lot in Espeak
already, and you can always use the built in computer voice from the
settings. I believe windows 7 has a couple or can be made to have them.
Most quality voices are not free obviously, so you need to decide on how
much a voice is worth to you.
Windows 10 of course has many very good free voices not based on Espeak,
but these cannot be used in windows 7.
I'm trying not to get a synth war started up here, but if you explain what

you are looking for, ie languages it speaks and natural or robotic or a
voice you have heard which you like but is not on nvda or in the list
provided to look into with the user guide etc, then maybe somebody can
suggest where to start looking.
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Hello family,
hope all are doing great. I am using windows 7 on my PC with e speak
as my voice synthasizer can anyone provide me free voice for my nvda?

thanks and regards,

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