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luke scholey

Sable is still under development at the moment. So for this course you’ll be using Reaper, and two extensions.

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Looks like they will be using Reaper.

Follow the link on the second page for a pretty good audio course.

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Hello Robert

I followed these links and am trying to figure out whether Sable is available yet, or whether you are supposed to start the course with Reaper?


On 2019-04-05 8:56 a.m., Robert Kingett wrote:
The below comes from the blind gamers group
<> on this site. Enjoy. I'm too lazy
to provide links and edit the below message so use it as you wish.
Don't ask me questions about sound design. I won't answer them. Direct
them to, the, below!

Hi Everyone,

Our Ebon Sky Studios sound designer (Brian, from Daisy Ale Sound
works) is doing an online video series about sound design . Brian, is
sighted, but will be doing the course using a screen reader, so that
everyone can follow what he is doing on screen and which will ensure
everything he is doing is accessible to a screen reader user. for
anyone interested in learning more about sound design you can follow
the topic on the audio games forum, where he’ll be posting videos ,
setting assignments and commenting on questions asked. If you’re
interested at all in sound design, or want to learn some tips and
tricks you can check out the topic on the audio games forum at the
below link

The Ebon Sky Studios Team

email: info@... <mailto:info@...>


Twitter: @ebonskystudios

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