Re: Last action in ms excel key F4

Giles Turnbull

In my sighted days I used the F4 shortcut in Excel a lot. Brian, in a nutshell it does exactly what Ahtesham said it does ... it performs the last action you did so that you can apply the same action to another cell. For example, if you format the text in one cell to be bold or blue, pressing the F4 key in the next cell down would repeat that action, turning its text bold or blue. Likewise you might want to change the date format from 7 April 2019 to 07/04/2019 in a few non-adjacent cells, in which case you can apply the format to the first cell and then move to the next cell(s) and repeat the formatting without having to navigate the ribbon or menues to manually apply the same format.

Although I've used NVDA exclusively since 2012 and just assumed something had changed in Excel and the F4 shortcut no longer worked for anybody, I did recently install JAWS 2019 and I can confirm the F4 shortcut does still work using JAWS. I made a cell bold with CTRL+b and then pressed F4 to apply the same effect to half a dozen different cells.


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