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On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 11:41 AM, Mohd. Ahtesham Shaikh wrote:
So what is the solution?
What add-ons are you using?  It's most likely one of those since you say you don't have the issue with JAWS and I'm presuming that you're not changing anything about your computer itself when you're running either JAWS or NVDA.

The solution is generally disabling all add-ons and re-enabling, one by one, until the problem occurs again, then you have your culprit.  Then, if the add-on supports key remapping (and many do) you'd change whatever it uses F4 for to use a different key for that function so that F4 is allowed to pass down to MS-Excel.

The Add-Ons I'm using, which clearly are not a part of this problem since it doesn't happen with them enabled, are:
Add-on Updater
Easy Table Navigator
Focus Highlight
Golden Cursor
Image describer
Remote Support
Windows 10 App Essentials

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