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I am a little worried about the page you used. Http is not usually what I see for a start.
Its surely https these days.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] I Can't get the latest version of NVDA to install

I have downloaded it two times in the past with other laptops. But, the first time for this laptop.

I do not get past the music. No dialog at all. I did try alt+y just in case.

I have tried to save this and run it. I have tried to just run it. Same results.

Maybe their server has been down for over one day.

The only thing that I have recently changed on my end is just that I upgraded to Jaws 2019 on both computers. Of course, I tried J17 just in case. No dice.


James B

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Subject: Re: [nvda] I Can't get the latest version of NVDA to install


is this the first time you have ever installed NVDA or have you had a earlier version.

the file that wouldive come down would be named nvda 2019.1.exe and when you click on it or try to get it to load it will make a musical sound then come up with a documentation screen. YOu will need to agree to it by pressing the space bar then tab to the first option which will be install to your computer then press the enter key. If it seems to be getting stuck installing it it might be that the UAC screen has come up and nvda can not see it if this is the case use the ALT key + letter Y to say yes to it and it should keep on installing then say it has been installed with a ok button.

Or is it just not going any further after you hear the sound?

Gene nz

On 8/04/2019 1:45 PM, James Bentley wrote:

Hi all,

I went to:

and downloaded a very small file that looks like it is suppose to install NVDA. When I open it, I get a few seconds of music and then nothing.

I have tried with both Chrome and IE for over 24 hours now. So, maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong?


James B


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