The em-dash Symbol with NVDA?

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello NVDA Group,

I do some writing avocationally, and the m- symbol is a popular way to
insert pauses as opposed to other punctuation marks. Can someone
advise me on how to
reproduce the symbol for the m- key? Will it work in composing email
as well as Word Processing with most programs?

The following did not appear to work when tried:
One work around is to use two dashes, type the next word with no
space, then go back to the end of the dashes and hit "enter." That may
turn it into an em dash. Then you just delete to remove the extra
spaces between the em dash and the word. You can also use Alt 0151.
And yes, it does matter and there is a difference so fix it if you
can. Your editor will thank you.

David Russell
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