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You can use "T" to go to next table.
You can also use "N" to go to the next block of text after links.
Or, the easiest way, you can simply hit "CTRL+NVDA+F" then type something like "download", this way you'll jump directly to the first occurrence of this word and with luck this will be the link you're after. In case it's not, simply repeat your search until you find it.

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Em 08/04/2019 17:47, Monte Single disse:

Hi Folks,


I am using nvda with current chrome in win 7.

I am trying to download  books from my audible library.

I go to the site, log in, go to my library and want to choose a book.

My library contents appears to be in a table with rows and columns.

Are there cimple, direct keystrokes to move from title to title and download buttons without tabbing through endless  garbage about like, not like, not for me.



I am using the Canadian audible web site.





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