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Hello All,

          What follows is not intended to call out specific users (as I have posted on one of the topics, and really shouldn't have) but because two topics that have appeared today are perfect examples of topics better suited to the Chat subgroup.

           It is a baseline assumption that virtually anyone who frequents this group, with the exception of myself, is using NVDA in conjunction with anything and everything they do on the computer.   But the fact that you're using NVDA doesn't mean a topic is actually about using NVDA.

           The topic on the Em-Dash (and En-Dash) is really about how to generate these characters in various programs, but not about NVDA itself in any way.  The topic regarding editing PowerPoint presentations, likewise, is about PowerPoint, not NVDA.  None of the answers offered on either of these topics deals with NVDA, but with commands for other software.

            I'm asking folks to please, please, join the Chat Subgroup ( and ask yourself the question, “Is what I’m about to ask related to using NVDA directly to accomplish something, using a specific program with NVDA, or to control NVDA itself?,” and if the answer is, "No," then launch the topic on the Chat subgroup instead.  I'm actually hoping that there will be an increase in traffic such as the two topics I mentioned above, as people like to ask others they know and trust about this sort of thing, but I would like that traffic to be on the Chat subgroup.  If the question is of the type, "How do I make {insert program here} do {insert behavior here}?," then that's really not in the "using a specific program with NVDA" class, but is about using that program and its features via the keyboard.

            This transition is definitely a work in progress, and will remain so for a while.  There will also definitely be topics where the distinction is not entirely clear, too.  I'm just asking that people actually pose the previously mentioned questions and let the answers to same be their guides as to whether to launch a topic on NVDA Main versus NVDA Chat.


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