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WE had this query before and as I recall its an authoring error on the page but some browsers seem to work better.
Does anyone recall the work around as I don't use Kindle any more myself.
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Subject: [nvda] purchasing Kindle book using NVDA

Hi all,

I am a member of Kindle Unlimited, which lets you read a certain number of books for free. On the web page for any given KU book, you have a choice of "buying" it for 0 dollars or paying the Kindle price. I find that I can't actually buy a KU book at the regular Kindle price using NVDA. I can get focus there and I have tried NVDA key plus numpad enter. I've tried the key on the numpad that simulates a left click. This control for making the purchase isn't in the tab order, so I can't tab to it. I've tried the regular enter key and no go. I managed to actually get the job done using my phone. But I'd like to be able to do it with nvda and firefox.


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