Two questions about accessing graphs/charts and or accessible price monitoring plugin


Hello list,

Two questions related to the same topic. Does anyone know of an accessible price tracking plug in be it for Chrome or Firefox? I’ve tried CamelCamelCamel and the Honey app and while CamelCamelCamel can give the highest and lowest price for an item in a table format, there doesn’t seem to be info on actual price fluctuations. There does appear to be a graph, but nothing Jaws can read. The Honey app straight up just presents price history as a graph that Jaws doesn’t even appear to access.

The second part to my question, is there in fact a way to access these online graphs/charts with a screen reader and somehow convert them to a table quick and easy?

Things like thermoform paper and those types of accessible tools are overkill when all you want is to check the trend on a particular item and move on.

I do use NVDA from time to time, but my main screen reader is Jaws. If NVDA is somehow better at this sort of task I’d be happy to be enlightened.



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