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Judy Jones <sonshines59@...>

I'm pretty sure I do, thanks Brian.


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Well I suppose that all depends on the software you use and what you use
them for. I think its still fair to say sometimes nvda can be slower in some

office applications, but then some may not notice this in general use. For
any power user though there can be issues, but generally in use I find nvda

a good all rounder and preferable for home use. It seems more logical than
the bolted on bits in Jaws does.
I'll hope you have a legal copy of Eloquence but please don't tell us if
you don't!
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Thank you, Gene, good information to know.

On a daily use, does NVDA meet the demands of a fast-paced job, assuming
that you can access a major portion of what is needed? In my job, I found
Jaws had some limitations with clunky work-arounds, but not often, and did
not compromise my productivity. Just trying to keep my questions in
perspective. Thanks.


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In JAWS, you can define graphics. You can't in NVDA. As far as I know,
because I'm not using a recent version, you can't, in NVDA, change the
in which information is spoken such as button followed by text as opposed
text followed by button or the order in which visited link is spoken,
or after the text of the link.

You can't define frames, as you can in JAWS and have actions taken when a
frame contains certain text or have that part of the screen that is in the
frame read when you issue a command to do so.

I haven't used JAWS for many years and others may have more comparisons.
But, though NVDA will meet the needs of a lot of people, there are cases
where it won't, or at least it won't unless someone writes some sort of
script for NVDA. So in certain ways, JAWS is more user definable.


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Greetings To The List,

My name is Judy Jones, and I am mainly a Jaws user, but am going to start
using NVDA more, and thought this list would be a great resource.

Are there things that Jaws can do that NVDA does not do so well? I have
already found a couple things NVDA does better than Jaws, and would like
hear all pros and cons.

Thanks to a special friend of mine whom I hope is on the list, I now have
Eloquence as my NVDA TTS.

Thanks to all, and also to the one who helped me find this list.


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