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The whole point of well designed malware is that it runs without causing any unusual behaviors to alert the user that there may be a problem.  You can't assume that no odd behaviors means no infections.  often, you do not have any such behaviors. 

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OK well I think that if you did get something nasty it would show itself in
other ways. However I'd also like to find something I can put on a stick and
shove in, having updated it on another machine and run a manual scan for
confidence sake. Does anyone know of such a program?

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How do all the people who say it works fine for me know.  You don't know if
you only scan with the program you are using.  Saying it works fine for me
means nothing.  I could install the worst antimalware program in existence
and, if it is accessible, I could scan my system regularly.  No matter how
poor a job it did, if it indicates that my machine is free of malware, I
could then write that it does a good job.  This is classic circular
reasoning.  The only way to know if a program is protecting you reasonably
well, aside from reading reliable reviews, is to have something you know is
good scan your computer such as an on line scanner or more than one.  Such
comments as MSEe works fine for me are meaningless unless we know what they
are based on.  MSEE is considered by many knowledgeable computer advisors to
be a substandard program.  Is it good enough to protect people from the
threats they are likely to run into?  I don't know but if you are
considering using it, you should know that it scores very low in detection
tests, or it did last I saw anything about this six months or a year ago.
those interested can check to see what the current situation is.  I doubt
it's changed much.  .

You cannot make an informed decision based on comments such as it works well
for me.  What does that mean and how are people determining that it works
well for them.

The Essett online scanner was quite reasonably accessible when I tried it
awhile ago.  I don't know what the current state of the program is.  People
are discussing various programs and no one, to my recollection is giving any
meaningful evaluations of how the programs work such as from properly done
reviews or based on what their program finds compared to on line scanners
and malware bytes.

Without such discussions, you may be able to get a good idea of the quality
of various programs users consider accessible enough to use by doing
searches for reviews of specific names of programs.  For example, if AVG is
said to work well and be accessible by a user, do a Google search for AVG
review.  Look at what reputable sites say.  If you don't know what sites are
reputable, asking here may get you information.  the information from these
sorts of list discussions may help you know which programs are accessible.
But such list discussions, in my experience, seldom give any or hardly any
information about the quality of such programs that can be evaluated in a
meaningful way.

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I also use MSE.  It works fine for me.  I'm not sure if I will have to
use a different program once Windows 10 is installed.


On 7/1/2016 1:41 PM, Arlene wrote:
> Hi, I use mse it works fine for me. I did use avg and it got very
> inaccisable.
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> AVG is the worst I have ever used.
> Il 01/07/2016 19:11, Richard Kuzma via ha scritto:
>> I use avg and it works pretty good for me
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