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I didn't say that detection of malware is guaranteed.  I am trying to point out logical errors that are common when people discuss antimalware programs and to give people ideas on how to get information about programs that are reported as accessible.  I didn't say that any program is guaranteed to find all malware.  But you can find significant differences among programs in properly done reviews. 

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To be fair though, no matter which anti virus you use, there is always going
to be some risk of infection as virus writers strive to get around the
detection systems used.

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Windows Defender is almost identical to MSEE.  It is a renamed and hardly
altered program for Windows 10.  It has the same contraversey as does MSEE
about its effectiveness.


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Hi, Joe,

I used to use MSE when I was running windows 7. Now that I have windows 10,
I use windows defender.

Hope this helps.


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Which anti-virus is most accessible with nvda, running windows 7 64-bit?

I've have serious access issues with eset's nod32, so much so, that where
there an infultration, nvda would be unable to assist.

So what do folks use please?


p.s. if you've seen a similar post before, My mistake because I didn't see
my post so suspect these are not getting through.


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