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The check for proper licensing doesn't change the voice.  I haven't heard that complaint before. 
I may be able to discuss other voices in a later message. I don't know what you mean about using the JAWS read current line command.  Aren't you using NVDA when you are checking the synthesizer?

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Gene and All:

I want to change the voice since the Code Factory Eloquence I remember
is close to the JAWS Eloquence which is both good and bad.  The good
part is that it is familiar and the bad is that I'm still at the point
with NVDA where I have to switch back to JAWS to get something done
quickly or the differences and having to concentrate instead of muscle
memory get to me and I need to change.  If I leave the computer, I have
to do the JAWS read current line to tell which synth I was using.

Also, I understand that by clicking on I agree to the Code Factory
license agreement, I gave them the right to do their monthly probe or
however often they issue it.  I wish they could do it without changing
my chosen voice.  Yes, registering is free, but my memory is that it is
not easy and involves having to dig up codes to plunk down in the
appropriate places.

If I load NVDA and do NVDA key plus Control-S, I land on Sapi 5 with
a male voice.  My memory is that I thought the Microsoft voice I had was
female and Sapi 4 which was more understandable for me than eSpeak.
Whatever voice I'm on now is also better than eSpeak.

I thought I remembered that there was somewhere in the NVDA menu where
one can listen to the installed voices, but I haven't found it yet.

I got NVDA updated to the current version and I'm running 64 bit
Windows 7 Home.

I apologize to the list since this is not a good time to try to learn
something new, but every time I've run into a bad patch and have had to
stop and think I'll resume at a better time, there hasn't been a better
one and I've reached the conclusion there isn't going to be.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.

On 4/5/2019 2:00 PM, Gene wrote:
> First, why do you want to find another voice if all you need to do is
> reregister the Code Factory Voice, especially if you want Eloquence?  As
> far as I know, registration is free.  I believe, though you can check,
> that if you run NVDA once a month with the voice, you will remain
> registered.  So just running it for a moment with the Eloquence voice
> should be all you need to do.
> As far as changing to the Microsoft voice on your computer is concerned,
> are you using the SAPI version of Eloquence or the Add-on?  It may
> affect how you run the Microsoft voice.  I'm not sure I can tell you
> just how to switch but answering my question may make it easier for you
> to find out.
> Gene
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> Hi, All:
> I'm once again trying to learn NVDA after many years as a JAWS user
> running 64 bit Windows 7 Home.
> One of my problems is that my attempts keep being interrupted by one
> thing or another and I have to start virtually all over from scratch.  I
> purchased a couple of Code Factory voices  with one being an Eloquence
> that sounds reasonably like the Eloquence with JAWS that I'm used to.
> Apparently, I upset Code Factory by not loading NVDA frequently enough
> for them since the voice switched to something else from Eloquence that
> it had been on the last time I used NVDA and I apparently have to
> re-register the Code Factory voice again.  This will be the third time
> and I'll be in search of another synthesizer since I have a problem
> understanding eSpeak or whatever the current one is.  Could someone
> please remind me how to find out what the current one is?  During one of
> my previous attempts, I found that the SAPI voice for Win 7 was easier
> to understand than eSpeak, but can't remember how to switch.  Could some
> kind person please provide instructions?
> I'll check out voices again when I can get NVDA more understandable, but
> does anyone know if there has been anything new other than from Code
> Factory in the last several months that works with Win 7?
> I seem to be running NVDA 2018.1.1.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Margaret

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