locked The NVDA list was created to welcome new users, Re: [nvda] List policy on archive use

Laurie Mehta

The NVDA list, we have often been told, was created to showcase the usability of NVDA and to welcome new users with assistance.
It is unfortunate that some seem to feel that repetition of topics is annoying-- but these people tend to be experienced users. Maybe it is they who could rethink the environment that ought to be expected for this list?
In any case, regarding his message (copied below) ...
Gene: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well said!
-Laurie Mehta


On Wed, 4/10/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

I think this question, whether, how, and how much to encourage use of the archives is important and should be discussed on the list.  I very seldom discuss administration on the list but I think this is a fundamental issue and I will therefore do so.  This is a very major policy change that may have implications and change the nature of the list in important, perhaps fundamental ways that the membership may not have considered. 
Help lists of blind users that are aimed at all levels of users, at least none of the four or five I am or have been on, don't do anything to get people to use the archives as list policy.  Doing so would have the following seriously adverse effects:
The  requirement or strong encouragement will discourage less knowledgeable and experienced people from asking questions.  If they don't have the Internet skills to use the archives or to use them well, they may believe their questions aren't welcome.
There is another way in which such a policy would fundamentally change the nature of the list.  If you were to be successful, you would create an environment where many members wouldn't learn about things they might have otherwise. 
For example, many newer members may know nothing about object navigation or screen review.  Because of repetition on the list over time, they might well learn that such features exist and something about how to use them and where to get more information.  Another commonly repeated question at intervals is about additional voices for NVDA.  And another commonly asked question is about resources to learn about NVDA.  All these are available as answers in the archives but many members would never know the answers if such a policy were successful and such repetition of commonly asked questions were stopped.  A certain amount of repetition comes with the teritory on lists of this type. I haven't seen complaints about such repetition and I think that experienced NVDA users know and accept that this comes with the teritory on such lists and accept it as a way of helping all sorts of different levels of users on such lists. 
I think that no change should be made.  I think the list serves the most people the best with no such policy.

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