Re: Selecting sentences with NVDA

Tony Malykh

Hi, there is actually a way.

Navigate to the sentence you want to select with Alt+Down/Up. The cursor at this moment is actually at the beginning of the sentence. So press NVDA+F9 to mark the start of selection. Then press Alt+Down to go to the next sentence. Press NVDA+F10 twice quickly. Voila. The sentence will end up in your clipboard. It will actually include the first letter of the following sentence, but I would call it a quirk of NVDA+F9 and NVDA+F10 commands. If it bothers you, just press the left button once right before the last step.



On 4/8/2019 10:00 PM, Sociohack AC wrote:

Is there a way to select sentences while navigating sentence by sentence with the sentence nav add-on?
While I'm reading and reviewing complex documents I need to navigate sentence by sentence to properly understand it. Sometimes for revisions I'm also required to select particular sentences. Right now, I use the typical command of shift+ctrl+right arrow or shift+down arrow to do so. Is there a more effficient way out there?

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