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JM Casey

Yes, this is neat too, and I kind of wish I'd known about it when the course was actually taking place.
So far I've only listened to the Audio Essentials stuff but the instructors are surprisingly good. I say "surprisingly" because I'm not normally a fan of audio tutorials and such. The only problem is that the classes are archived as mp3s and were originally broadcast over Team Talk. The quality isn't too bad but not really good enough (imo) to properly demonstrate some of the things they are going for. But there is a lot of material there, and the three instructors are smart, personable and even fun to listen to.
It seems they also have an Advanced Reaper one, a composition course (presumably using Reaper too) and also one for Goldwave.

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Hello, try this link as CAVI has made this public, enjoy.
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so do I...
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hy friends i am nasir mehmood need me reaper totorial in text and
audio both please help me because i want to learn

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