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I think though, that one of the things that might be screenreader driven is that it is often preferable to us to leave these messages like alerts on, but during other reading, indicate something has happened through a sound rather than nvda going and reading the message. After all a sighted person can register the little indication but not be distracted during reading.
This sounds like an add on or maybe a core function for the future, as I said previously, the 3d sound add on makes a discreet noise when an alert arrives but has not way to not read the event as well unless I'm missing something.
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I’m sorry I’m not an expert on knowing which things you have to do through
windows keyboard commands and which things you have to do through NVDA hot
No apology is necessary. We're in a period of transition and certain topics do present themselves as examples, like this one did. It's going to be a learning experience for all, and folks new to the group more so than those who've been here a while.

I'm glad your issue is resolved.


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