Re: the Nathan voice and issues with restarting NVDA with Espeak


Too true. This is a really sad state of things.

On 7/3/2016 1:28 PM, Tyler Spivey wrote:
Voice manufacturers have an interest in making their voices sound human,
and trying to expand abbreviations, dates, etc. Some synthesizers
provide a way to turn this off programmatically, others don't.
Of the ones that do, it's up to the driver developer to do this.
As end users, we're a few levels down and sometimes don't get the tools
and documentation to customize our synthesizer to the fullest extent
possible. For example, disabling abbreviations or adding dictionary
entries for mispronounced words (the NVDA dictionary doesn't count).

On 7/3/2016 9:48 AM, Governor staten wrote:
Why do voices like Nathan take numbers 2.7, and turn them into February
7? It's more than mildly annoying to me when reading some program's
version number to hear a date. There is probably some simple way to fix
this, but.

On 7/3/2016 12:32 PM, Governor staten wrote:
I'll attach it here, since it is quite small. Since this log, I
uninstalled the ovice and restarted NVDA, and I have Espeak back.

On 7/3/2016 11:49 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:

Please send a log file to me, and I will try to see whats the problem...


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De: Governor staten
Data: domingo, 3 de julho de 2016 05:47
Assunto: [nvda] the Nathan voice and issues with restarting NVDA with Espeak

I just installed the new Nathan voice that has been tlaked about on this
list. Now, I cannot seem to switch back to Espeak. It runs silent when I
do so. Other issues have arrisen as well. I do not hear the sound when
I'm entering into focus mode or when I leave focus mode and go into
browse mode. Any help with this one would be appreciated. I"m running
the latest Next snapshot.

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