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Sarah k Alawami

Google for the reaper access wiki. All tools and tips are on there, as well as a reaper access list you can join.

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I am afraid I gave up with it. However it is going to work better if you install the in accessibility add on. Can somebody remind the list where Jamie put this so it works better with nvda.

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I just got reaper last week and haven't really gotten anywhere with it yet, but I have found a good number of resources.

Check out the reaper accessibility wiki, it should be a great starting point:

They have created an html version of the user guide there. You can also download a number of pdf files from the main Reaper site itself. This includes the user guide, but also a few other useful things. Definitely start with the wiki and follow the instructions on getting started. You will want to download some add-ons that plug into Reaper.

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so do I...
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hy friends i am nasir mehmood need me reaper totorial in text and
audio both please help me because i want to learn

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