Mozilla seems to have changed the options window, again


Hey folks,
So the subject speaks for itself.
Some of you may remember me from the other thread about the add-ons' section, isn't it?
Well, here we are again. Now, though, the situation is in fact at least a little bit better.
Our dear mozilla, on what I believe to be the latest Firefox, changed in a way the options' window, where we have general, privacy and such.
At first, I was about to post here asking for a workaround for this one, but I found it myself.
The story is like that: being on said window, one can't, for their life, arrow through the options anymore. Well, at least it was what I was getting.
Then, don't know why, but as a last resort I tried to play with the window using NVDA in focus mode.
Guess what? It worked!
In fact, I believe it worked because now in this very same window you have a search field where you can type in parts of what you want to get, for example "priva" for privacy. But, this field actually is also a submenu!
No, you haven't read it wrong. It's a field and a submenu, as NVDA reports it.
I'll have to say, that's the first time I've seen something like that. Quite odd, if you ask me.

Well, all of this to say that, if you getting the same as I got, then justdo the NVDA focus mode thing or the equivalent on your screen reader, tab through the screen and then at some point you'll be able to arrow through the options like we are used to do.
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