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So, as I understand the description, this is only supposed to happen when using Object navigation and moving the navigator with the navigator movement keys.  I wonder what it is in Outlook that causes the beeps to sound when the navigator is moved as it follows the application as used from the main keyboard?

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That’s my conclusion as well.

That add-on is meant to be a proof of concept implementation of the following NVDA issue:


Luckily, the NVDA Core implementation of this add-on will be sensitive to configuration profiles – it is just awaiting code review at the moment.



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I just checked.  The name of the add-on is object location tones. 
The description says, "After installing this add-on and restarting NVDA (or when you enable this add-on), as you navigate to different controls, you'll hear tones to indicate where the object is located on screen."  It is evidently seeing items in Outlook like different messages in the list as controls.  I assume from the fact that you don't complain about this in other programs such as Windows Explorer, that this generally doesn't happen.


That also explains why when you turned off the object navigator moving as you moved in the application, that no beeps were heard.  the object navigator didn't move and the add-on was therefore unaware that you were moving in the application. 



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I went into the ad on manager and disabled your beep add-on and the problem has gone away! Now when I toggle NVDA+7 to either on or off there is no more beeping!


This is a brutal way to resolve the problem but it is a relief. However, I would like to understand what was happening and why I could not simply toggle the beeps on or off without losing the ability to Trak the cursor.




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