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not when you are in browse mode, which is why I didn't make it a blanket statement.

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Actually you have to have the ad on for things like that to be announced

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I'm not sure what you are asking.  Are you asking about cutting text, then adding more text when you cut more?  I don't know what the command does that you are describing and you already know about control x for cutting text, which is a Windows command.  The Clipspeak add-on causes NVDA to announce that text is copied, cut, or pasted.  In many circumstances, it doesn't announce those things without the add-on but just what does the JAWS command do?
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Subject: [nvda] Announcing cut, copy, or paste

Hello To All,


Can NVDA be set to announc “cut text to clipboard,” as Jaws does when you use control-X?


I ran into this when wanting to paste a link into an e-mail.  In Jaws you hit Alt-D, A, and C to get this done.  I did manage to copy to clipboard, but didn’t hear it spoken, so pulled up notepad to make sure I actually had copied the address.


It would seem easier if you could hear that your commands are carried out.


Thanks as always.



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