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So to be specific for any of the devs monitoring this.
Are you saying that this nvda behaviour is both in native Chrome and the Microsoft Edge implementation?
If so when did this start, ie can you pin it down to an n nvda or a chrome version.
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I can confirm this. I’ve seen this issue using Chrome. I think this issue will Iron itself out.

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From: Ian Westerland
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Hello Curtis. I have the same issue here. When I load Chrome, NVDA
goes to sleep but works again when I re-load it. It's a strange issue
because NVDA doesn't hang. It just stops speaking. I am sure that with
the current and rapid changes to Browsers, the issues will resolve soon.

Ian Westerland

On 4/12/2019 6:28 AM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
Sometimes when alt-tabbing away and back to the screen of the browser,
NVDA forgets it's environment, meaning that the buttons can't be
navigated too with hot keys b and shift b, etc. When I reload NVDA, all
is well again. :)

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