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Yes the paradox of this thread is that it is in fact about the list not nvda!
So I personally feel this has been clarified. However you may wish to also subscribe to the chat list where these more general things can be discussed without clogging up the list, so to speak.
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I think the misunderstanding here is the difference between encouraged
and enforced. Those of us who feel comfortable using the archive are
encouraged to do so, but from what I observe, this is a very beginner
friendly place, even one where NVDA newbies are explicitly invited in!
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Am Fr., 12. Apr. 2019 um 07:44 Uhr schrieb marcio via Groups.Io

Please don't leave the list. I'm sure your questions will be more than welcome here.
As I am not a moderator, I'll leave this one to Brian V., so he'll clarify things better for you.
Again, please, don't leave the list.

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Em 12/04/2019 01:55, slery disse:

Apparently, in my vast backlog of emails I have missed something regarding the policy of this list.

As it appears one is to use the archives for beginner questions, where can I find a list that is only for beginner NVDA users?

I have no knowledge to contribute to this list and as my archive skills are always lacking (even when looking for replies to my own messages from a year ago), I will not bother this list with any more questions. In fact, I will probably leave at the beginning of next week and only stick around long enough for something to tell me where the beginner list is.


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