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At the risk of sounding like a broken record. The mail feed from my isp can be severely time warped. The key effect of this is that the replies that you see are not visible to myself maybe for some hours.
Brian our moderator does not agree that this can occur, but those of us here in the UK using Virginmedia (maybe others too), will know it happens. Nobody at virgin will admit it does. I do not feel that this minor issue will be enough for me to switch all subscriptions to gmail or some other provider, so apologies if this sometimes looks like one has not read the entire thread, but this is how life works and we live with it.
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If people want to read mail by thread, that will organize mail by topic and people may want to do this. But you can use an e-mail program. You don't have to use a web page and I argue that you don't benefit to a significant extent, if at all, by using a web interface in that regard.

I read almost all list mail and I don't bother to have it grouped. But grouped or not, if people keep messages they may want to respond to and delete the rest as they read, however they read list mail, including in an e-mail program, they will automatically then have only messages they might want to reply to. And they will already know if they have new information to add or would only be repeating what others have said.

I'm emphasizing that an e-mail program can be used perfectly well for this because it is important that people not believe that using a web interface, which a lot of blind people don't want to do, is not at all necessary to do this. Just read what you want as usual, and keep messages you may want to reply to.

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I can only speak from my experience. Years ago I used to behave in the
same way, and the reason was that my mail reader wasn't configured to
a thread-centric view but rather to a message-centric one, so my inbox
was a one-dimensional list of messages. Nowadays I only use the Gmail
web interface and that sorts everything by threads, by importance, and
by lots of other criteria only the Google AI knows.

Am Fr., 12. Apr. 2019 um 07:31 Uhr schrieb Andre Fisher


I've noticed a lot recently, that when a topic is replied to, some list members do not read the responses to the initial post. This is evident when someone asks a question, then gets a response, likely answering the question or resolving an issue. Subsequent responses to the thread seek to provide the same response, sometimes more than once, with the same solution/answer, or questions relating to the issue, even after the opening poster has stated in the thread that all is resolved. Is there a good explanation for this? Now, I am not a moderator, so can't enforce anything, but I find it very annoying to have to skip through multiple messages of the same origin. Why don't persons read the thread in its entirety before posting?

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