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Hello Arno,

Captcha Buster never worked for me here. Are you sure it's free? I think I read you had some captchas for free, and then you had to subscribe. But maybe I'm getting mixed up with another service.



Il 12/04/2019 15:32, Arno Schuh ha scritto:
Hi Oliver,

could you explain how your captcha solver works?
In the German mailing list since the last week a captcha solver entitled Captcha buster is spreaded. It is available for Chorme and Firefox, too. If I understand the way it works correctly they use the option of recaptcha to recognize the alternative audio file.
So if your solving routine uses an other way to solve the captcha it would be nice to have a second tool.

Yours sincerely


Am Freitag, 12. April 2019 13:08 schrieb Oliver Edholm <>:


I just wanted to announce that I'm now releasing a Chrome Extension
for automatic captcha solving.

You can download the extension here:

I'm a sighted machine learning researcher that recently have caught
an eye on the field of web accessibility.

Websites are primarily designed to be interacted with visually which
is hard to do if you have a visual impairment. Here I think there's
big potential for AI to help and look at the web page visually and
then give correct and helpful information to the visually impaired or
blind user.

I'm also the creator of the newly created but fairly popular NVDA
add-on, "Image Describer", can be found at NVDA add-ons list, (if
you're interested in trying out):

I'm looking towards doing much more than this, please contact me or
reply to this thread if you want to get help with something
accessibility wise or have any kind of feedback.

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