Re: Mozilla seems to have changed the options window, again


Thank you so much.
For me, this topic will continue only and only on the chat subgroup :)

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Em 12/04/2019 11:45, Brian Vogel disse:


           Done!  [If my choice doesn't accurately reflect what you were looking for, please let me know].

           You also kindly created a parallel topic on the Chat Subgroup, which had the same original title, and now has the same updated title.  Since this is all about Firefox, I'd ask for follow-ups on the Chat Subgroup topic, if at all possible.

           And, again, the e-mail addresses for the Chat Subgroup are:

We've been gaining subscribers over the last several days, and have had a number of interesting topics, most regarding technical issues outside NVDA, start flowing.  I'd love to see that trend continue.


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