Re: Observation of Reply Behaviour of Some List Members


I get all my messages in a daily summary, which forces me to read the thread as a whole because messages are not displayed in the message window like in digest mode. There's a link to the topic, and, I click the link.

For some lists, I change my subscription to, first message only, which sends me the first messages in a thread but does not send me the replies unless I start a thread or reply to a thread. There's links at the bottom of every message to view threads anyway, so why bother getting each and every message.

I also just now learned how to change the, all mail, folder in gmail to threaded view in thunderbird, by looking at the thread, so, thanks, poster #4 or whoever it was.

To change the subscription via email, if anybody is curious, not sure why the first message only option isn't in the list of email commands, send an email to the below.

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