Re: Observation of Reply Behaviour of Some List Members

Sarah k Alawami

In my case my program hides already read emails so if I am to reply to somethingn I then have to go to my sources list and scrol to the essages I want to reply to. It's a catch 22.

Take care

On 11 Apr 2019, at 22:31, Andre Fisher wrote:


I've noticed a lot recently, that when a topic is replied to, some list members do not read the responses to the initial post. This is evident when someone asks a question, then gets a response, likely answering the question or resolving an issue. Subsequent responses to the thread seek to provide the same response, sometimes more than once, with the same solution/answer, or questions relating to the issue, even after the opening poster has stated in the thread that all is resolved. Is there a good explanation for this? Now, I am not a moderator, so can't enforce anything, but I find it very annoying to have to skip through multiple messages of the same origin. Why don't persons read the thread in its entirety before posting?

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