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JM Casey

Thanks, good to know, I'm subscribing to the list. I am definitely in the beginning stages with Reaper but I'm already stumped as I can't figure out what sound device settings to use and am not getting audio output. Lol

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Howard, Sorry for the confusion, JMCasey is right, it's the first page of the tutorial and it's hosted on a gaming site. Anyway, that's the link that was posted and there's nothing else to do but start reading from the first post on. It's mostly active students chatting back and forth, so it's a quick read to catch up. I'm not participating in the class, but I've been lurking in the weeds, lol.
Anyway, it's very interesting.

So to keep this list on track, anyone interested in Reaper should join the "reaper without peepers" list here:

Reaper without peepers on

By the way, the CAVI instructors and many very talented reaper users inhabit the list and all levels of users are welcome to join. Here's a list of resources that are posted at the bottom of each RWP posting, enjoy, Blaster

Download Reaper from:

OSARA: Open Source Accessibility for the Reaper Application lives at:

SWS (a handy set of extensions that make Reaper even smarter) can be found at:

For audio tutorials, and a stellar effort to document Reaper related stuff from a blindness perspective, check out:

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The person earlier in the thread (sorry, I can't remember who it was)
linked you to the first page of the forum thread. You didn't read the whole page.

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Over there, all I saw was game stuff. How to find audio reefer tutorials?

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There's a reaper beginners live course taking place right now over at:
t -lesson-up-interaction-ending-134/page/1/

The instructor is sighted and has taken it upon himself to learn NVDA
on-the-fly to teach sound designing using reaper, enjoy!


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Hello, try this link as CAVI has made this public, enjoy.
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so do I...
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hy friends i am nasir mehmood need me reaper totorial in text and
audio both please help me because i want to learn

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