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I'd believe you are still getting this message because actually whether developer mode is turned on/off is irrelevant. You are dealing with an alpha project and, at the end of the day, that's all that counts here.

Marcio AKA Starboy
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Em 12/04/2019 16:13, Dan Beaver disse:


I installed it on Google Chrome and afterword turned developer mode back off.  Chrome shows that the extension is still enabled so maybe it will still work.

However, when I start Google Chrome it still warns me about running developer mode extensions.

Dan Beaver

On 4/12/2019 1:33 PM, George McCoy wrote:


Try installing it in google chrome and let us know what happens.


On 4/12/2019 8:25 AM, Dan Beaver wrote:


I have installed the extension.  Now Brave asks me if I want to disable developer mode extensions every time I start Brave.  Should I go into the settings and turn developer mode off or what.  this is going to get kind of irritating after a while if I have to keep getting these warnings.

thanks for this great extension.

Dan Beaver

Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)

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