Re: Observation of Reply Behaviour of Some List Members


To be honest, if you get this abuse you should switch off those lists.

I have been banned for being out of timezone, usually I have looked at lists and answered what I think I should.

Most of the back and forth chat I usually don't answer especially if its not directed at me or is a general message, and it goes without saying that unless its open and I think I can answer it I just don't bother.

Yeah, dialup still exists.

It depends on what you have though.

Gmail definitely makes a load of difference.

In the early days 2001 I think, I was in a bording education system using their secured network.

SSl was available but not as yet via the net.

Email lists via isps worked through pop but if you were in a secured network with strict filtering this never worked.

I kept being told I was spamming and being bounced, I was routeenly being banned by moderators because of bouncing.

I was able to contact yahoo I think for yahoogroups and get them to unbounce me every time that happened, then when I got home I had to handle all the traffic from my local network.

A year later we got ssl.

Now days we don't even think about it anymore.

My isp is now fully ssl and while its faster to go unprotected I wouldn't go back.

Dsl was good as was adsl but with the event of fibre and wireless broadband its a load better still.

There are still issues with wireless signals, and once my isp stops having issues with ac routers and some mobile devices I will be upgrading my internal coms isp controler and extra hardware but at least now, my extender is getting the full 300 mbps rather than the 150 mbps it was getting so thats a pluss.

My aunt has mobile wireless and that just works.

I can remember where you used 1 device per line and had to limit to time what was what.

On 13/04/2019 4:58 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Well I personally had a lot of out of sequence stuff when I used dial-up.  I used to get yelled at by hard headed moderators for answering messages that had already been answered and I hadn't received them as of yet.  Then an hour or 2 after the moderator's displeasure, there it came big as life.  That's why for a while there back in about 1999, I was very tentative about answering messages on some lists for fear that they had already been answered and I would get an abusive comment from some moderator.

Fortunately, that's all over now since 2001 and my cable modem service.

On 4/12/2019 6:22 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 05:08 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Flaming those people/countries is not good Internet practice
That you consider statement of fact "flaming" is a reflection on you, not me.   I used dial-up for well over a decade.  It's painfully slow but it never resulted in e-mail being delivered out of sequence.  The stuff is coming straight off of the server, which already has it sequenced long before I get to it.

You just want me to consider something as common which decades of experience tell me absolutely is not.  I will not be changing my mind on this, as the facts don't support a change of mind.

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