Re: Free captcha solving chrome extension

Oliver Edholm

Sorry for the late post!
I would love to answer all of the responses on this forum one by one but I simply don't have the time. So here I make a bigger message to attempt to respond to everyone at once :)
Thanks for the awesome responses! I hope to do much more than this, I think that many methods from Machine Learning / AI can be used in this area.

Questions and answers:
* Will this be released for Firefox as well? Yes, expect to see a release within 24 hours!
* Can I turn off developer mode after I've downloaded the extension? Yes, you should be able to do that.
* What data is being collected? I write about what data I collect and why I collect on the site, please read everything before you download! As said on the website, if you want to get your data removed for some reason, send your extension id to oliver.edholm@... and I'll fix that ASAP. If there's some site you don't want to get your browsing data collected from, you can start a Guest / Incognito window for that browsing session. 
* When I unzip the file, the extension folder is inside the unzipped folder! Thanks to everyone who pointed this out, will fix!

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