unwanted speach during website text entry

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I have two related cases of NVDA speaking information while I am typing that is not *what* I'm typing. I'm wondering if there is any way to disable this. I'll detail the two different cases separately below.

Most often it's when I'm typing into a website text box that has a maximum character limit. I am not sure if sending a message to an eBay seller has a character limit but as I was sending a message last night I kept hearing how many characters I'd typed every time I pressed a letter. I gave up typing directly into the text box at that point and wrote the message in Notepad and then copied and pasted it into the eBay message box.

The second example was on the Graze snacks website, http://graze.com/ ... I was entering my credit card number and every keybpress after the first four numbers NVDA told me "visa card detected". Once again I used notepad to write out my card number and pasted that into the card number field.

These are not the only times I've experienced this but both of these happened in the last week. I can't remember exactly which other websites have text entry fields with similar behaviour. I can listen to my typing while somebody is talking to me (I used to work on a call centre and could listen to JAWS and the caller speaking at the same time through the same set of headphones) but hearing the NVDA voice saying what I am not typing I find very difficult, if not impossible, to manage.

Any thoughts or suggestions or examples of other websites that do this? :)


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