Re: Cannot open in Iran

Raha Tehrani

you could easily use an anti filteration app such as ultrasurf to
access the website. use ultrasurf 19.02.
if there was something wrong with the website, it shouldn't have been
accessed through such apps either.
take care.

On 4/13/19, zahra <> wrote:
some weeks ago, i descovered that nvda website does not work in Iran
i told my friend and she told me that she observes this issue too.
so i posted in this group and quentin told me that descovered the nvda
website is blocked in iran!
using this website.
which i could not open with my firefox too!

On 4/13/19, Mohammadreza Rashad <> wrote:
Hello to members of the NVDA list, especially website staff. In recent
days, since 2019.1 release, NVDA users in Iran can not open
website. After few researches, I noticed that the nvaccess site is not
filtered; but, When we enter the site address, no page will be loaded.
Also, we encounter an error when updating NVDA.
Thank you in advance.

Best Wishes,
Mohammadreza Rashad
sent by Nokia 8

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