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Same here :)
I just finished all the process now.

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Em 13/04/2019 11:40, Richard Wells disse:

Thank you so much for this. Messages like this one make this list of
most importance to me personally. Following your instructions, I was
able to unlink many Apps.

On 4/13/2019 12:09 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Hi all.

This is a small warning to everyone that uses dropbox.

From march this year, all basic accounts are limited to 3 devices.

What does that mean?

Nothing, except that dropbox remembers every device and session ever

So you reformat your computer or change your account name, or get
another computer and don't unlink first, your device becomes a ghost
device same with app programs, and brouser sessions.

1.  sign into dropbox.

The easiest way to do this is to login with your own client, click the
tray icon and launch dropbox.

Now near the top of the page is a menu called my account hit space on
that, scroll down to settings, hit shift space to exit forms mode then
hit enter.

Don't move about else things will just not work right.

Now dropbox settings load.

hit control home for the top of the page then h.

2.  select security tab, in the same way, enter forms mode once you
scroll down to the list of tabs, and locate security.

get out of forms mode and hit enter.

Next control home again.

then hit t.

3.  The next thing to do is locate every session in the first table
which has an end session button it and hit the space bar till they are
all gone.

Next  locate the device tree which is directly below the brouser

The first device in the list is your device.

scroll to the end of that list.

Every device you have ever linked including every ghost device linked
in the past will exist, I had 6, my dad had 2.

Hit unlink button on all the devices bar the one that says its been
modified in the last hour.

Every other device will have a time when it was last valid.

Finally go through the steps of going to my account, then settingss
however next select the connected apps view.

Then disconnect every app you don't use and service.

If you need to link devices take note of the devices you want to connect.

A basic user can connect up to 3 devices.

Those can be a computer, a phone and one other device or 3 computers.

You can buy, but to be honest, if you get this warning and are only
using 1 device, then you probably have a lot of ghost devices.

I'd also update your password at this time if you have forgotten it if
you havn't allready.

I'd also check to see if you know what all the devices you have are,
if you find something you don't know, then chances are someone has
hacked your account or you linked to a device somewhere else.

In a way this while annoying is good in a way.

I had no idea dropbox kept all devices from all reformats and all
times I had changed dropbox.

I had 6 devices, 1 is my device I had.

The next one before that was my old win7 device which I may relink later.

The rest were my win7 and xp devices and their reformats including
profile changes etc.

My apps were not needed ones and I clobbered them.

As for my brouser sessions including the current one there were 19
others which were still signed in from devices that were no longer

In the case of my dad's system, there were 2 devices, the current one,
and an older instance of the same device which existed before it, its
good to know that I was able to kill things.

Now I know about this, if I need to reformat my first thing after I
get back in is to kill the ghost devices that linger inactive after
the fact.

This actually is a good reason to check security on my account if
anything else.

Its worth noting that if you need more space and upgrade you won't
have to bother with this though even if you do knowing what I had, its
worth looking at the site anyway.

I didn't need all those 20 sessions logged in at once, nore did I need
the 6 devices 4 of which were ghosts of old linked devices and one
which is not on the network.

I guess knowing that I could link that one but even so I will be
carefull to check every linked system I service to make sure its all
clear of stuff that shouldn't be on it.

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