Re: Using Google Calendar - Web or Computer App?

Sarah k Alawami

I use google calendar I have it linked to my calendar apps. None on windows, I don't use a calendar app on windows, sorry. But you can prob link your google calendar to that. The web is usable enough, I can import ics files etc and import events to calendars I create. I need to remove some calendars from google calendar but I'll google how to do that later. I love google apps and it is my go to for everything.

On 12 Apr 2019, at 23:19, Bhavya shah wrote:

Dear all,

I am presently looking for a calendar app to set reminders about
activities I need to be doing on certain dates in the future. As an
Android and GMail user, I have instinctually turned to Google
1 Is Google Calendra even accessible with NVDA?
2 If so, which would you recommend I use - Google Calendra on the web
(if so, on Firefox or on Chrome?) or download the Google Calendra
application on my computer for better usability?
3 If Google Calendar is not particularly screen reader friendly, which
other free and accessible calendar programs would you recommend for
use with NVDA?

Note: I am looking at Google Calendar with particular emphasis because
I imagine that I would be able to sync Google Calendar which I control
on my computer with its corresponding aAndroid app which I have
installed on my Smartphone.

I would truly appreciate any assistance.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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