Re: new dropbox rules


Hmmm is it worth it then.

If I get more devices maybe I will have to get that though the dropbox client and website are not the most accessible.

The only reason I use it a part from the fact I have 6gb free from other sources, is that no other client is accessible.

Icloud works sort of, google drive is a joke, and I have never got onedrive at least sorted to what I would like.

Dropbox has never had to many issues but it did use to be easier in the past.

On 14/04/2019 1:24 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:
Hi Brian,

regarding the cost of upgrading, I upgraded to a Plus account becuase I use DropBox a lot and was getting close to filling my basic subscription with a small increase in space from recommending DropBox to my mother. I get 1Tb of space and it costs ‘£79 per year ‘You’ll be charged £79.00 including applicable tax, (minus any applicable credits or promos) yearly until you cancel your subscription.’


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