Re: How to contact list members off list?

Dan Beaver

I guess I haven't paid much attention to the links at the end of the posts.  I just looked and yest there is a link for replying to sender.  However, I just tried to click on it and it does nothing for me.

Dan Beaver

On 4/13/2019 2:30 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
At the end of each message (or digest entry) there should be a "Reply to Sender" link for the sender of that message.  That will trigger your e-mail client to open a compose window with that sender's address already prepopulated.

Just like there is a group message archive, there is a group directory for those members who allow their e-mail address to appear in it:

Since there are over 1000 members of this group, the directory spans 17 pages of content and, I just noticed (as I've never used it) there is no search mechanism for the member directory.

If you happen to know some specific keywords of a message a certain member posted, you can also search the group archive (
for a message using those, and a link to that member's profile, and e-mail button, will be part of the message itself, presented as a link at the very start of the message.

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