Re: How to contact list members off list?

Kevin Cussick

Hi, this should only go to you if it works. if not sorry list using the plication key in tbird when the message is opened you get a reply to sender only or to list and on it goes we will see if this works.

On 13/04/2019 20:11, Dan Beaver wrote:
Hi Brian,
No, I am using Thunderbird and it is the latest version.
Like I said, it appears that it does nothing at all. I can't find any mailto:
tags or anything like that. It also isn't bringing up another new email
screen. Very strange.
On 4/13/2019 3:06 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 02:37 PM, Dan Beaver wrote:

I just looked and yest there is a link for replying to sender. However, I
just tried to click on it and it does nothing for me.


Are you, by chance, using webmail? Mailto: links won't necessarily work smoothly with some webmail. If you bring up the context menu and copy that link, it is a mailto: link.

It will have the word mailto: immediately followed by the sender's e-mail address, followed by a question mark, followed by what will be put in the message subject automatically. You can snag the actual e-mail address that way if you're using webmail that does not respond to a mailto: link.

I haven't encountered an actual e-mail client like Thunderbird, WLM, Outlook, etc., in a very long time that doesn't respond to a mailto: link by opening a compose window with the To: address and Subject: prepopulated based on what the link has in it.


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