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thanks, will try it

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Subject: [nvda] Seeking list comments on software to mark books


I first thought about audio book readers to purchase, but realized you would likely wish to do this without additional cost.

At Microsoft Community, I

found a way to use Windows Media Player to read audio books, and with a free plugin WMP will create a single bookmark wherever you stop reading. I will tri this tomorrow if you want to wait, but let’s see what the list may think.


I have copied the text of the solution below, but at the very bottom I have included the URL as well.


There is an automatic plugin you can download and install that will allow you to resume where you last left, however, I do not believe it allows you to set multiple book marks. You can search online for a 3rd-party plugin, but this may do it for you:


1. Go to:

2. Download the plugin and install

3. Open Windows Media Player

4. The initial setup will launch, it will want to update. Go through all the prompts and once it asks if you would like to close Windows Media Player now, go ahead and hit the 'X' in Windows Media Player (NOT the 'X' in the small update popup window that's telling you to close Windows Media Player)


5. From here, once the update is complete, restart Windows Media Player and either play audio or watch a video. The process is automatic, though you can go into the plugin options and uncheck the automatic bookmark settings. Basically, if you're listening to or watching something and you just close out of Windows Media Player, or select a different file, the next time you go back into the audio or video file, it will resume from its last spot.


Hope this helps,




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i use winamp, but i no winamp does not have the book mark feature

so which one do you use?



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What app are you using to read the audio book. Most that I have used have their own bookmarking feature.



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Subject: [nvda] software to mark books


hi guys


can you recommend a software for windows to bookmark audio books?

by bookmark, i mean to pause the track in certain area, then bookmark it there, then resume afterwards another time

this is using NVDA


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