Re: How to contact list members off list?

Luke Davis

On Sat, 13 Apr 2019, Luke Davis wrote:

Even so, britechguy@... is a valid-looking address, and may even get to you if is doing that kind of mail forwarding.
But they aren't. If one replies to such a message, it bounces back.

Using the "Reply To Sender" link they provide would seem to be the only reliable method, although it's their own fault for masking the sender of messages from people who use the interface to send messages. Messages sent externally (I.E. Thunderbird, etc.) seem to come through with real senders, and can be replied to if you can persuade your mail program to do it.

Unfortunately, however, "Reply to Sender" does not appear in all messages from the list. It's only in messages that are HTML encoded (I.E. the original sender sent in HTML). Text encoded messages have a different footer, which doesn't seem to include that line of links.
For example, the message from Kwork with subject "Re: [nvda] Free captcha solving firefox extension" had the "Reply to Sender" link, while the message from Judy Jones, with subject "Re: [nvda] How to contact list members off list?" does not.


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