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hurrikennyandopo ...


he said it had to be signed or along those words and am sure he said he will look more into it.

for the chrome version i noticed some people are getting error messages. i noticed when i got the error when i uunzipped the file i did not see the directory just below it that it unzips into just arrow down to it then unzip it Then do the process. I have it loaded on this computer in chrome so now it is a matter of finding a cap cha to solve which i found one on a form. it told me it solved it but at the time i had nothing entered in the form so then it went to solve it again. But will fill in the form with details then usually there is a submit button or it may do it for you. I guess more playing around with it.

Gene nz

On 14/04/2019 12:41 PM, Kwork wrote:

Me too. I'm guessing the Firefox extention may be buggy and got pulled.

On 4/13/2019 4:26 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Group,

I've been following this thread for a while and I only see the chrome download link at the bottom of the page.  I see no reference to Firefox at all.

On 4/13/2019 4:29 PM, Inam Uddin via Groups.Io wrote:

Dear friend, I’m afraid that you didn’t look the page carefully!

After hitting the link:


a page will be opened and at the bottome of the page, there is a link to download extension.

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Wow that's true! I just checked it and haven't found any single link to a Firefox extension download.
However, people seem to have downloaded it successfully.
So folks, come here, tell us what's the secret about it.


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Em 13/04/2019 14:53, Shaun Everiss disse:

I only see the chrome one there isn't any way to add this to my firefox/waterfox program unless you make an addon file for it and the firefox extention page is not on main page of the site and that page only downloads the chrome extention.

I do wander what is needed to make it official extention or something.



On 13/04/2019 8:22 PM, Oliver Edholm wrote:


You may have seen that a free captcha solving chrome extension was released yesterday, below is a link for firefox as well!

You can download the extension here: http://www.screenreader.ai/download_firefox_captcha_solver.html

I'm a sighted machine learning researcher that recently have caught an eye on the field of web accessibility.

Websites are primarily designed to be interacted with visually which is hard to do if you have a visual impairment. Here I think there's big potential for AI to help and look at the web page visually and then give correct and helpful information to the visually impaired or blind user.

I'm also the creator of the newly created but fairly popular NVDA add-on, "Image Describer", can be found at NVDA add-ons list, (if you're interested in trying out): https://addons.nvda-project.org/index.en.html

I'm looking towards doing much more than this, please contact me or reply to this thread if you want to get help with something accessibility wise or have any kind of feedback.



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